Monday, January 18, 2016

Online Shopping in Malaysia

I have been stop writing blog about 3years, I YouTube videos have become the pop thing and most of the people have been forget about blog. However, I think some of the people will still prefer blog.

I remember at the early stage when introduce internet online blog that I was very addicted reading beauty blog and product reviews. The worst thing is that it makes me want to buy more things after reading those blog or product reviews. Most of the makeup Guru, they are started with writing blog before they started their own makeup tutorial video in YouTube. So, for my opinion blog and things like YouTube are the business advertising method and for them to make money. Some of the blogger or beauty Guru get sponsored and free products to use or review, and it is one of the tactic to advertise the products.

Internets really change our life and start seeing surround me are online shopping fans now. Few years back, it was not so popular in Malaysia till lately,  most of the items price  has been shoot up (shop rental, water, electricity, transportation, oil and gas of course). No comment on the government subsidy  K .. Even ‘someone’ encourage us to work more a job (part-time job) in order to survive in this country. Life is tough here.

Okay, back to the topic – Online shopping. I think lately I have been addicted to shop online , and I would like to share which and where can find item with lower price and decent quality.

Online boutique: 
  1. Doublewoot (W, $$,JJJ)
  2. Twenty3 (W, $$,JJ)
  3. Curve (FB, $$,JJJ)
  4. Zalora (W, $$,JJJ) – amazed with their services and packaging
  5. Sallyfashion (W, $) *

Online makeup store:
  1. Luxola (W, $$,JJJ) – carry American, European and Asian brands
  2. Hermo (W, $$) * - Asian brands, a lot Korean brand items

Price range: $$$, Quality: JJJ, Website: W, Facebook: FB
Those marked with *- sorry to say that I haven’t purchased before but browsed through the website and looks ok.

Online application/ other website:
  1. Shoppee
  2. 11th street
  3. Carousell - new and prelove items can be found here. Can get really cheap second hand stuff here, buy at own risk.
  4. Lazada - Heard from colleagues they bought electronics item from here and found it not bad
  5. Groupon – Dining or services, photobook promotion J

Anyway, online shopping can be quite dangerous and will tend to over spend. So spend wisely ;-)

By Piggy Bank

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Learning another skill - Professional makeup course

I have been struggling and keep asking advice or opinion from my hubby. I think he has been listening about same topic over a year regarding make-up course. After serious consideration, I decided to enroll Professional Make-up course, taking this course part-time every weekend. I hope this is a good start learn additional skill which can be one of the skill make some pocket money in future.

But, nothing come easily as the fees is quite expensive and some hidden cost is not visible when I signed up the course , especially for the products and tools that need to purchase for the course. Just can feel that my pocket having a big hole now :(
Previously I took  Advance Personal Make-up course from SSimage, so it gives me a little bit basic before I enroll for the Professional Make-up course at SUB Beauty Academy. I do not want to compare both academy, both having pros and cons. 
I just attended my very first class, it's a full day class during the weekend and I'm looking forward for next one. 

Here is my 1st make-up class : Teenage Make-up Day Look
Eyeshadow: Orange (full moon at eyelid)
E/S Highlight: White shimmer (bow bone - up and low)
Cheek: Pink with Shimmering (towards center)
Lipstick: Natural Pink
Lipglass: Glossy Pink with shimmer

This is my very first time to use orange color eye shadow, personally I don't even own this color as normally I will go for natural color like brown. I'm using beauty academy eye-shadow for my first class.

[sorry, I think I have removed the lipscolor before take this photo. So can't really tell what color of the lipstick and gloss used :p]


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Shine bright like a Diamond with Maybelline

Rihanna Shine bright like a Diamond ...

Oops, I missed out this item in last beauty product review... Maybelline Hyper Diamond eyeshadow!
I got mine in GD-1, gold color and it's so glitter powder and so shinny.

Here is the to view with the transparent top cover. It come with a small sponge applicator. the sponge quality is just normal, not so good if compared to KATE. I would say KATE really did a great job for their applicator, brush and puff. They are also drugstore but the applicator quality like counter brands. However the price is towards to the high-end drugstore products here in Malaysia. So, with the price for Maybelline, i think this kind of quality is quite reasonable.

The ingredient in English at the plastic packaging and Japanese description at the back of the casing.
I have no idea why printed in Japanese, probably made in China and selling in Japan too. Since Japanese are the fans of shinning or glitter eye shadow. I guess Maybelline Hyper Diamonds eye shadow sell pretty well in Japan too.

Open the top cover and your can see the reflection of the little shinning glitter particles and the gold color is the most outstanding.

From the other angle, you can see the design of the top plastic cover is diamond cut design. The design really suit the name as well as the eye shadow itself :)

Here is the swatch review of this eye shadow:
I love color #1 the most, it is very pigmented. #3 can put on the top center of the eye lid as a touch of finishing. Overall I'm quite satisfy with the result. I got mine around RM28++ after 20% discount, quite affordable price.

If you have Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow, you can use it as a base before putting on this Hyper Diamond eye shadow and the color will last longer and much define. Here is the tutorial to show you:

Here is a quick tutorial to show how to direct apply using this eyeshadow and dramatic mascara to achieve Leopard look:

by PiggyBank
14 Sept 2013

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Beauty Hauls for September 2013

Another beauty haul from drug store and Sephora! Yeah!

Recently Sephora open at Penang Paragon mall, so happy that I no need to go all the way to KL and get my favorite cosmetics products (e.g Stila and Urban decay). I love Stila eye shadow, the color pay off very good and UD eye primer is a must have item to keep your eye shadow last and color pop. Let's talk about what I got recently : 

L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in BP402 DEWY BEIGE. 

Where to buy: Watson Drug Strore
Color: Good quality and color payoff
Texture: Cream
Packaging:  Gold color, Descent and Elegant
Scent: Fragrance Free 
Yeah! they have improved on this, last time used smell like typical lipstick scent like wax. I really have no idea how to describe it.

Sephora lipgloss in #24 Dazzling Violet - Reflex
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Asphyxia
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in FLASH

Where to Buy: Sephora
Color: Violet and Purple
Lip gloss scent: Vanilla, smell like MAC lip gloss

I'm used to love brown. This is something different that what I have, so plan to wear more funky color during the weekend and not so serious. Love them all ! 

By Piggy Bank
2 September 2013

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

1+1 = SIX, and a cup of Cafe Latte

There are a lot of things going on, and we wanted to make it happen. Yesterday I just travel back from my hometown. In fact I just finish my long holiday; but I didn't get enough rest. A lot of discussions at home as well as when I get back to here.

Yesterday he looked at me and says ‘why complicated and bad stuff always happen to you?’ To be frank, I don’t know what he talking about. But I just roughly guess and answered 'well, gods want me to be tough through bad experience'.  Sometimes we want to make it simple but in real life thing wasn't as simple as we thought. Okay, enough for all these emotional talks.

So where have I been recently? Again, my hometown JB-M’sia ; and 2D1N Hatyai-Thailand trip (It was a second attempt trip, haha to be frank I take back my words - I not going to Hatyai again after the my first trip. This second trip wasn't bad and I pretty enjoy).

Here are the places that I visited: JB – New cafĂ© shop: My Liberica, The Garden and Project A.

I got to know these new places from my little sis, I can say she spend most of the time doing revision study or assignment outdoor (Starbucks, restaurant, etc...). Now a day youngsters know all the new places to hang out unlike us old time just normal Kopi Tiam (traditional coffee house and food) or just neighborhood areas. My Liberica Coffee House, my sister highly recommended this place for coffee if you are a coffee lover and she says they brew their own coffee beans. So,without hesitate why not just give it a try ? The ambient is very nice and clean. You can see the coffee bar once you enter the coffee house and the yellow lighting made a pleasant atmosphere . I came here during Raya Holiday and their business very good. Personally I prefer a quiet place and less people. A little bit noisy due to a lot people chit chat there, kind of spoil the mood a bit. I’m not lucky enough to get to try coffee at The Garden and Project A; these shops is very nearby my house. Well, be optimistic someday I will get to try it.

Here are the photos taken at My Liberica Coffee House:

Outside the coffee house:

Address: 73,Jalan molek 3/10,taman molek, 81100 Johor Bahru
Telephone: 0167535370 , 073611069

the Coffee Bar

the products and display

the barista ,waitress and customers

Nice display of coffee maker

Another display

My Cafe latte with heart shape on top :)

the Menu with wooden cover

the Scone 
(I think DOME's scones are still the best :p)

Her Iced Caramel Macchiato 

the bills :(

I will share more on the Hatyai trip in my next post. So stay tune ;)


Friday, July 19, 2013

Zero Waiting Time for Beautiful Hair

ZERO Waiting time ? Really ?
Introducing L'OREAL Total Repair Damage Eraser, Leave-On Oil Serum............

Oil type. non-greasy after applied on hair. Nice fragrance :)
But one thing I don't like is the packaging cap, it will leak if not handle properly. Also when pour out, hard to control the amount.

Below is the packaging box, and what they claim that how miracle of this leave-on oil serum:

Well, it's really works for me! No more frizzy hair!
Feeling smooth after applied on towel dried hair and then blow dry.

By the way, as I checked the packaging it stated made in India.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

What's in my travel make-up bag ?

Hi.....! What's in your travel make-up bag? compact and travel friendly?

I have few make-up bags even I handmade sewed one for myself. One of my favorite travel toiletries or make-up bag is from Muji, which allow me to put skin care, make-up tools/brush as well as make-up products. The quality is very good with reasonable price. Well, sometimes I prefer to put them separately in a smaller make-up bag. So, here comes my smaller make-up bag :) just bought it recently!!!

I got this cute litter make-up bag from SaSa. Aim for this quite sometimes ago, until recently they having sales and straight away grab it. The cover printed with a cute little girl, sweet right?  It seems designed in Korea, made in country 'C' , *cough cough you know what I meant*. The quality of this bag consider not bad. I just put recent frequent make-up stuffs in, and no skin care products except Vaseline lip essence.

What's inside?

Ta-daah! all my recent favorite make-up products that I use it everyday.  I decided to put most frequent use products inside this bag, and it's easy to access and carry when rushing from one place to another. For face, cheek, eye and tools...everything 'in'.

For EYE: 
> Left to Right
ZA Liquid Eyeliner (Black)
Natural Republic Eye Brown Pencil (03)
Shu Uemura Eye Liner (Brown)
Inglot Eye Liner (White 31)
Bobbi Brown Eye Brightener (Porcelain Peach)
Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Portion (Original)
KATE Eyeshadow - Real Create Eye (PK)
Marjolica Eye Liner (Brown BE)
KATE Eye Brown Pencil (BK-2)

^Top to Bottom
KATE Liquid Rouge (OR)
MAC Lusterglass
Vaseline Lip essence
Clinique Moisture Surge Lipstick

> Left to Right
Inglot Mattifying Loose Powder (02)
T'estimo Blusher
Lunasol Cream Cheeks
KATE Covering Concealer for Pores
KATE BB gel cream- sample size ;)

Oh, I just notice that no mascara! Normally seldom to apply, because it make my lash too curl and long, then hit my glasses :( .Use it when wearing contact lenses. Okay, pretty much here. Hope you enjoy reading it.

19 July 2013